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Fine motor skills, problem solving and  hand /eye co ordination  Activities include , Arts and crafts  Summer Fun, Early learning at home                                                                                                                                     
In the garden at the play group that we visit twice every week helping to build on communication and language, friendship building, social skills. 

Free family fun day!DSC_0281DSC_0288

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Activities {Visit to our play group} Daycare.

Visit to our play group children playing on the truck developing fine motor skills.


Visit to play group children enjoying dressing up, using speech language and communication skills. Small world where children copy what adults do and find it fun.


Children enjoying painting teaching little tots  different colors and shapes when exploring different  resources 


Fun in the snow! Understanding the world and its different seasons in the year .


 Soft play area where children , build in relationship and communication skills. Hand and eye co ordination whilst development of fine motor skills.


Visits to the park to feed the birds this activity is focused on language skills and improving the child’s knowledge of the world.


Learning at home


Babies and young children learn so much from their parents – important social and behavioral skills as well as beginning to learn about the world that surrounds them. Many of the instinctive things we do with our children teach them about the world and skills to prepare them for school and early are activities focus on the children development which includes fun while learning.


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